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Fork Talk Episode 39

Quarantine continues for Hoss and Big Daddy but that doesn't stop us from bringing podcast gold! Join us for a chat about "backyard games", our Big Daddy quiz "Redneck, Yankee, or Scot" and Historical Figure. Caber up!

Fork Talk Episode 38

Say it ain't so! You may be on lock down, but the Fork Talk crew are back in the saddle again. It's our dedication to our sport, our throwing family, surrounding them with strong arms in these trying times, our.....who are we kidding, we just got bored and figured the Nation could use a laugh. 

Like an old dysfunctional relationship, dip back in with Big Daddy and Hoss...the water is warm. Mainly cuz Big Daddy is peeing in the pool again. 

Fork Talk Nation Unite!

Fork Talk Episode 37 - Mini

Episode Mini - maybe it will be a trend or maybe the final nail in the Fork Talk coffin, only time will tell. Join Big Daddy and Hoss in a beer garden fueled mini episode recorded live from the 2017 Victoria Highland Games in beautiful British Columbia. Special guest - Bobby Dodd who will unveil a new trophy made specifically for the Kelso, WA Highland Games. Warning: this episode is just....well...yah. 

Fork Talk Episode 36

In like a Lyon and out like a Lamb! Join this March issue on the 4th anniversary of Fork Talk as Big Daddy and Hoss explore the the secrets of Rome and the Bromance that eclipses all others...ok not really but Pop Culture, The Arnold Classic and Historical Figure await you. 

Fork Talk Episode 35

Sandwich Time! That's right Fork Talk Nation...Big Daddy and Hoss are live in this episode by the gracious hosts of the SAAA-Northern Rockies crew and the IHGF at the Eat a Sandwich Lightweight World Championships held at this years Mountain Home Highland Games and World Fair in beautiful Idaho...ok we added the "Eat a Sandwich" part but we can promise, you won't want to miss this beauty. Take it in parts or for a whole long road trip as it's hard to cover that much podcast gold in less than 2.5 hrs. 

Pop Culture, Shaved Asian Food, Interviews Galore, Favorite Sandwiches and 7 time World Caber Champion Francis Brebner. Here's the breakdown if you want to jump to specific parts of the podcast
interview with Bree Larson @08:30:00
interview with Mexican dancers @20:40:00
Pop Culture & Current Events
interview with Polly Saulls Athletic Director @53:00:00
upcoming games shouts 1:06:00
History of the Sandwich
Interview with Harry Hancock of Scotland @ 1:22:00
Nigel Anselmi of USA @1:38:00
Bruno of Germany @1:44:00
Francis Brebner @1:50:50
Jessica Smith Fork Talk listening virgin @2:03:30
Scott Farr of USA @2:09:29
Mike Beech - 2015 National Lightweight Champion @ 2:18:00
Haunting....keep listening

Fork Talk Episode 34

Where can you get 90 minutes of podcast gold that included Prince, Prom and Donald Dinnie all wrapped in the Highland Games loving embrace of the Hoss and Big Daddy....well Fork Talk that's where. Episode 34 in the collectors series coming at ya!

Fork Talk Episode 33

33 is a magical number. Join Big Daddy and Hoss as they catch up on Pop Culture and Current Events, a haunting and one of the best throwing Historical Figures to date. Strap in Fork Talk Nation, it may have been a few months but podcast Gold is back on your ole tuney box.

Fork Talk Episode 32

That's right, not dead...just hibernating! You didn't ask for it...hell you probably were happy but like a bad penny Big Daddy and Hoss are back in your tuney box life once again delivering podcast gold. Join us to catch up and review the most important event to impact the throwing world in the past 6 months. Boldly going where we should absolutely not go as usual!  

Fork Talk Episode 31

Say it ain't so! Back to Back Fork Talk...who knew Podcast gold was so prolific. Join Big Daddy and Hoss for this INTERVIEW rich episode. The Int'l Man of Mystery goes Food Network & WWE on us and special correspondent Chad Ullom reports from France at the IHGF championship. Must be the good lake country air that brings out the ear candy. FTN 4 Eva!

Fork Talk Episode 30

Greetings from the Superhero lair of Captain Walleye and Muskie Man. Fighting crime in a world of 2 tine villains, the Fork Talk crew discuss current events, shouts to recent highland games and review Balance as a key part of your training. Oh, there's the Fish phone, quick to the Fork Talk aqua transport (aka Pontoon)

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